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Photo journey around the world. Photo Journey Around the World: Unique People, Places, and Practices
Why I Travel: Burkina Faso. Why I Travel: The Impact of Exploring the World
Solo Travel Myths and Realities. Solo Travel: Myths and Realities
Adventure Travel Solo versus Group. Adventure Travel: Solo or in a Small Group?
Work as a Tour Leader. Living and Working as a Tour Leader Abroad
Summer travel in Montreal. A Guide to Summer Pleasures in Vibrant Montreal
Adventure Travel in the Arctic. Call of the Arctic: Voyage by Icebreaker Ship Along the Edge of the World
Europe rental apartments. Budget Vacation Apartment and Home Rentals in Europe
Travel to Poros, Greece. Embracing Ancient Greek Traditions in Poros and the Peloponnese
Bread in France. 10 Creative Alternatives for Solo Travelers to Wine and Dine in Paris
Culinary tour in Berlin. Culinary Tour of Berlin’s Most Vibrant and Diverse Neighborhoods: Sampling Eclectic Foods by Bike and on Foot
Going local in Porto, Portugal. Going Local in Porto, Portugal
Food in Lisbon, Portugal. Eating and Drinking with Lisbon’s Most Passionate Gourmets
Festival in Menorca, Spain. Festes De Sant Joan In Ciutadella De Menorca: A Unique Summer Solstice Festival in Spain on a Historic Island
White-water rafting in Andorra. Adventure Travel in Stunning Andorra
Street food in Istanbul. Culinary Treats in Istanbul: Food by Foot
King's Day in Amsterdam. Amsterdam Celebrates King’s Day: In a City Flooded in Orange, An Annual Festival is Born
Small tours in Zagreb, Croatia. The Irresistible Lure of Zagreb, Croatia
Slow Travel in Bucharest. Slow Travel in Bucharest: Soaking up the Good Vibes
Cyprus foods. Culinary Traditions of Cyprus
Iceland glacier. Living Under The Volcano: After Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull Eruption
Guide to Guanajuato, Mexico. Guanajuato, Mexico: Love at First Sight
Daily life in Cuba. How to Get a Taste of Daily Life in Cuba’s Bed and Breakfasts
Martinique winter vacation. 13 Reasons Why Martinique is a Great Winter Destination
Costa Rican Adventures. Adventures to Remember in Costa Rica: Small Group Tours in the Land of La Pura Vida with a Teen
Rio de Janeiro. Stay in a Safe Rio de Janeiro Favela: A Unique Bed and Breakfast in Tavares Bastos
Volunteer with children in Brazil Helping Underprivileged Children Of Lençois: A Volunteer Project in Brazil
Study portuguese in Brazil. How to Study Portuguese in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil
Adventure travel in Patagonia. Explore Remote Patagonia on an Adventure Tour with Local Guides Company
Visit to Colombia. Snapshots from Colombia
Guatemala ecolodge. Vacationing or Volunteering in an Eco-Friendly Guatemalan Mountain Lodge
Solo Travel in Japan. Solo Travel in Japan
Traditional inns in the Far East. Sleeping Beauties of the Far East: Japan’s Ryokan, South Korea’s Hanok, and Mongolia’s Ger
Traditional Guesthouses and Inns
Solo travel in Indonesia. Solo Travel in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
The Paro Festival in Bhutan. Bhutan’s Paro Tshechu Festival:
An Expression of Gross National Happiness in the Land of the Thunder Dragon
A journey in Ladahk. A Journey in Otherworldly Ladakh:
Monastic Festivals, Remote Villages, and Majestic Wilderness
Travel in Shanghai, China. Under the Spell of Bustling Shanghai, Hotspot of Modern China
Monks in China. China’s Ethnic and Cultural Diversity: Along Yunnan’s Ancient Tea and Horse Caravan Road
Skyline of Guangzhou. 72 Hours Visa-Free in Guangzhou, China: A Packed Trip in a Fascinating City
China's festivals in Guizhou. China’s Best-Kept Secret: Festivals in Guizhou Province
Solo Travel Tana Toraja, Indonesia. Cultural Travel in Tana Toraja, Sulawesi, Indonesia
Solo Travel in Indonesia. In the Footsteps of Field Biologist Alfred Wallace: Exploring the Islands of the Indonesian Archipelago
Travel in Cambodia. Roadtrip Through Cambodia
Sacred Myanmar. Travel in Sacred Myanmar
Vegetarian food in Mumbai, India. Feasting in Mumbai: A Vegetarian's Paradise
Beyond Goa's beaches in India. 8 Fascinating Alternatives Beyond the Balmy Beaches of Goa
Kolkata boats in India. The Paradox that is Kolkata
Sri Lanka health resort travel. Kicking Back in Sri Lanka: Health Treatments in an Ayurvedic Beach Resort
Sri Lanka food adventure. Food Adventure in Sri Lanka
Travel in Kerala. Kerala and the Maldives on a Budget
The Nomads of Mongolia Venturing Along With the Nomads of Mongolia’s Wild West
Work as a tour leader. Travels in Kyrgyzstan: Land of Grazing Herds and Unbridled Hospitality
Bali Food. A Taste of Bali: In the Kitchen with Local Ubud Chefs
Trekking in Oman. Trekking in Enchanting Oman
South Africa elephant. Camping Safari in Northern South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe
South Africa Cape cycling. Cycling South Africa’s Cape and Winelands
South Africa Cape. How to Enjoy Cape Town on a Budget: 12 Must-Dos in South Africa’s Mother City
Travel in North Sudan. Cruising Through the Magical Desert of Northern Sudan
Woman in South Angola. Tribal Encounters in Remote Southern Angola
Children in Northern Kenya. Uncovering Tribal Life in the Remote Corners of Northern Kenya
Woman in Cameroon. Time Travel in Northern Cameroon: Living Among the Dupa
Chad Wodaabe Festival. Annual Festival of the Wodaabe in Chad: Courtship Rituals and Beauty Contests
Men on camels in Mauritania. Traveling Along Mauritania's Ancient Caravan Routes
Griot Kora in the Gambia. Kora Sounds from the Griot Compounds: The Gambia
Festival on Niger with man dancing in blue. The Annual Festival on the Niger in Mali
Market in Madagascar. Visiting the Tribes of Madagascar
Couscous in Tunisia. Hospitable Tunisia and its Tantalizing Cuisine: "A Moveable Feast" For the Budget Traveler
Food in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Eating Like a Local in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Culinary Walking Tours and Home Cooking Classes
Guatemala market. Traditional Guatemalan Cooking in Antigua
Magdalen Islands in Canada. Exploring the Remote and Rugged Magdalen Islands of Canada
Park in Quebec. Adventure Travel in Eastern Quebec

Senior Contributing Editor Lies Ouwerkerk.

Lies Ouwerkerk is a freelance travel journalist and photographer, originally from Amsterdam and now calling Montreal her second home.

With Master degrees both in Spanish & Latin American Literature and Counselling Psychology, Lies has a keen interest in foreign languages and people’s way of life, all around the globe. As long as she can remember, she has been traveling the world in search of unconventional and authentic opportunities to immerse herself in foreign cultures.

Some of Lies’ most memorable experiences have been living in a favela in Rio de Janeiro, volunteering in Tanzania, teaching English to underprivileged Yemeni girls in Sana’a, harvesting grapes in France’s Bourgogne, and cooking with chefs in Italy and Bali.

Other travel highlights include festivals in Mali, Ethiopia, and China; tea sessions with desert nomads in Morocco and Mauritania; chief meetings of tribes in Vietnam and Burkina Faso; crossing Iran in hijab and manteau; and sharing meals with farmers cultivating grapes and coffee on a crater floor in Cape Verde’s Fogo.

Next to pursuing her lifelong passion for travel and photography, and her couple & family therapy practice in Montreal, Lies has for many years been coordinator for Experience in International Living’s exchange program between Mexico and Canada, as well as columnist for The Sherbrooke Record’s weekly section Generation Today.

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