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High School Study Abroad and Teen Travel

Teen Summer Camps, Adventure, Volunteer, Language, Gap and Study Programs

High school study abroad and teen travel

 Schools are a Base for Experiences Abroad as a Teen

Connect With Your Teachers

  • Reach out to your language and other teachers
  • Teachers have information on summer and short-term international programs
  • Don't hesitate to ask for advice from school guidance counselors

Explore Directories of Programs and Social Media

  • Browse program directories and social media focused on international adventures
  • Get inspired to research and plan your ideal activities and destinations
  • Share your discoveries with your parents

Choose Your Adventure

High school and teen programs abroad offer:

  • Study and cultural exploration, often with host families
  • Language learning
  • Volunteering and service learning
  • Summer camps and travel for meaningful and enjoyable experiences

Pre-College Opportunities

  • Plan a summer, semester, or "gap year" overseas before college
  • Programs exist to help you explore interests
  • Independent or small group travel for development and leadership
  • Stand out to prestigious colleges with your study abroad and experiential learning

Why It Matters: Studying Abroad is Proven to Help You at Any Age

  • Work with people from other countries while in high school
  • Understand global issues
  • Embrace intercultural learning and understanding while a teen
  • Improve grades and educational opportunities
  • Advance career skills and future employability
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