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Featured Articles
Virtual jobs Why a Virtual Job is the Best Job for Working Abroad
by Tim Leffel
Work as a digital nomad continues to involve more and more options in desirable locations abroad of your choosing.
Living in Mexico An Insider's Guide to What You Need to Know to Move, Live and Work in Mexico
by Ted Campbell
A writer and young professor describe life in Mexico.
Living in Spain as a student The Student's Guide to Living Abroad in Spain
by Heather Olafsson
A winner of the Student Travel Writing Contest offers help on moving to Spain, telling her story.
Budget travel in France A Guide to Third Wave Coffee Culture in Paris
by Lucas Peters
Third Wave coffee culture at cafes in Paris has brought great brews and places for digital nomads to congregate.
Living Abroad in Mexico Living in Mexico: The Why, How, and Where
by Tim Leffel
A travel writer and publisher who has lived in Mexico for years describes the many compelling reasons, the process, and the best locations.
Teaching English online Teach English Online, from Anywhere
by John Clites
A flexible way to earn income at home or on the road!
Budget travel in France Language Learning in the Modern Age
By Christopher Mitchell
Settling into life in a new country 8 Tips for Settling into a New Country Successfully
by Matt Scott
Top realistic tips provided by an experienced expat on how to smoothly and successfully adapt to living in your chosen country.
Before moving to Europe Before Moving to Europe
14 Things to Do: An Experienced Traveler's Checklist

How to prepare to plan your move.
Teaching english resume The Guide to Landing Your First Job Teaching English Abroad
by John Clites
An experienced teacher offers his expert advice, including a step-by-step process to create a compeling resume for that first job.
Vacation rental apartments in Europe Budget Vacation Apartment and Home Rentals in Europe
by Lies Ouwerkerk
Teaching in Costa Rica Teaching English and Living in Costa Rica
by Constance Foss
A country that is now open offers many different options for teaching.
Greek Islands budget travel How to Ferry Around the Greek Islands on a Budget
by Veronica Hackethal
Greece has opened up and is very open to tourism, so the time to visit the extraordinary is right.
Location Independent Work How to Live and Work Overseas While Freelancing on the Web 
by Nora Dunn
Life as a digital nomad is no longer rare, and the options are many with proper preparation.
Photo journey around the world. 
Photo Journey Around the World: Unique People, Places, and Practices
by Senior Contributing Editor Lies Ouwerkerk
Richly illustrated and wide-ranging experiences you might want to add to a list of future explorations.
15 questions to ask for a job abroad 15 Important Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Job Abroad
by Matt Scott
A realistic look at what is involved in finding rewarding work overseas from an expat who shares his broad experience.
Guide to teaching English abroad Guide to Teaching English as a Second Language Abroad
by Ted Campbell
10 practical tips in an essential guide, including key resources provided by an experienced expat teacher.
Get work at the United Nations How to Get Jobs with the United Nations: The Unauthorized Guide
by Amy E. Robertson
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