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Work leading group adventure tours abroad. Paid Travel Jobs Leading Adventure Tours If you're a natural leader seeking work abroad, here is a realistic view of various paid travel jobs that involve leading adventure tours abroad, along with many valuable resources.
Man working on a virtual job sitting on boat with laptop. Why a Virtual Job is the Best Job for Working Abroad by Tim Leffel
Digital nomads enjoy increasing options for location-independence. Choose your favorite destinations — explore the world while being paid for using your talents!
Living in Mexico to live and work with palm trees on beach. An Insider's Guide to What You Need to Know to Move, Live, and Work in Mexico by Ted Campbell
An adventurous and knowledgeable writer provides an insider view into living in Mexico.
Teaching in Costa Rica to young girl. Explore Exciting Teaching Opportunities and Expat Life in Costa Rica by Constance Foss
Explore the opportunities for teaching English in the beautiful country of Costa Rica, along with first-hand experiences and insights.
Man working as foreign correspondent taking a photo. Work as a Freelance Foreign Correspondent by Jason Motlagh
Many opportunities for meaningful jobs as freelance foreign correspondents are available as the need grows.
Cycling adventure along a lake with a tent. 4 Ways to Cycle Around the World by Friedel Rother
An experienced cyclist — who has traveled extensively around much of the world — describes the many independent, group, self-guided, and luxury biking options abroad.
Meditation Retreat in Thailand. 10 Days of Silence at a Buddhist Retreat in Thailand by Thomas Handy Loon
An inside view of 10 days at a Buddhist meditation retreat in Thailand.
Lake in Bariloche, Argentina. Living in Mystically Beautiful Bariloche, Argentina by Shanie Matthews
A practical overview of the options for living abroad in Bariloche, Argentina, and what you need to know to find work and enjoy life in a beautiful part of the world.
Work at the United Nations. How to Get Jobs with the United Nations: The Unauthorized Guide by Amy E. Robertson
An incredible background and list of resources created by one who provides information for all possible jobs in a fascinating organization.
A nurse works in Saudi Arabia. Work Abroad as a Nurse by Caroline A. Polt, RN
A nurse describes her experience overseas and provides resources for nursing jobs available worldwide, with the demand growing over the years and by the day.
Martinique winter vacation with shoreline. Discover Why Martinique is a Revelation by Lies Ouwerkerk
Plan a visit to the beautiful island country of Martinique — ideal in the winter. Revel in the warm locals, great food and drink, sandy beaches & complex culture.
Moving and living in Grenada How Moving to Grenada Can Add Spice to Your Life by Candice Licence
If you want to move and live abroad, Grenada is an island in the Caribbean with many advantages. Here is a comprehensive guide for anyone exploring expatriating, complete with resources.
Women on a cooking vacation in France. Cooking Vacations in France by Kelby Hartson Carr
There are many options for cooking vacations in France. In this country, food has long been elevated to a fine art where you may satisfy all your culinary desires.
Authentic food in Mexico on a restaurant table. The Ultimate Guide to Authentic Eating in Mexico by Ted Campbell
A long-time expat in Mexico describes some of the simple yet delicious dishes locals enjoy.
People dancing flamenco in Spain. Learn Flamenco and Study Spanish in Granada, Spain by Mariette Tachdjian
Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Granada, Spain, as the author takes you on a journey to learn flamenco dance and guitar while mastering the Spanish language.
Living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, city of temples. Living and Working in Chiang Mai, Thailand by Nathan Edgerton
Living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, including snapshots and advice on living, studying, and working in this expat paradise, long popular with digital nomads.
Study abroad to find work with student in front of flags. Study Abroad Increases Professional Job Prospects by Isabel Eva Bohrer
IES Abroad surveyed study abroad alums on the impact of the experience for recent graduates to find work after graduation. The findings suggested that you "just do it" if you can.
Volunteer in Europe fixing a castle. The Guide to Volunteer Programs, Service and Vacations in Europe by Volker Poelzl
Volunteer programs in Europe include inexpensive yet enjoyable camps restoring ancient monuments, castles, and organic farming. Fascinating programs with cultural activities and adventures.
Adventure travel in Patagonia in mountain adventure. Visiting Patagonia with an Argentinean Adventure Travel Company by Lies Ouwerkerk
A low-cost adventure travel tour in a small group with a local Argentinean company in magnificent Patagonia.
View of tree and lake doing location independent work. How to Live and Work Abroad While Freelancing on the Web by Nora Dunn
A seasoned digital nomad offers valuable insights into living and working abroad while freelancing online. Discover the best ways to make location-independent work a reality.
Travel by cargo ship worldwide, with sunset across ocean. Travel by Cargo Ship Around the World by Friedel Rother
The many advantages of travel by cargo ship, which is at once adventurous, practical, and often cheaper than other ways to visit exotic lands.
Living in Spain as a woman student at Grenada castle. The Student's Guide to Living Abroad in Spain by Heather Olafsson
A Student Travel Writing Contest winner offers help on moving to Spain while telling her story.
A toucan in a rainforest in Costa Rica seen while working at an eco-lodge. Finding Jobs Overseas on the Spot:
Working in an Eco-Lodge and Guiding Tours in Costa Rica
 by Carolyn Nye
The story of a long-term traveler who finds work on the spot at an eco-lodge in Costa Rica, as part of her odyssey working in countries worldwide, complete with practical advice.
Teaching English online, teaching on laptop outside in front of pool. Teach English Online from Anywhere by John Clites
Enjoy the flexibility of earning income from home or on the road by teaching English online.
Sailing on a sailboat in turbulent seas. Around the World by Sailboat by Andy Schnell
The euphoria and the realities of traveling around the world on a large sailboat, with advice and resources on how to find adventurous life-changing travel and work.
French castle visted while living in France. How to Live in France (Without Tearing Your Hair Out) by Leyla Giray Alyanak
We love France. We adore France. We live happily in France. But it is not without its amusing and not-so-amusing problems. The Expatriate Contest winner describes living in the country.
15 questions to ask for a job abroad. 15 Important Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Job Abroad by Matt Scott
A realistic look at what is involved in finding rewarding work overseas from an expat who shares his broad experience.
Cheap air travel in Europe with planes at airport. Cheap Air Travel in Europe by Volker Poelzl
Tips on efficiently booking flights, identifying top budget airlines across Europe, and valuable resources. Air travel is often the most cost-effective form of transportation across the Continent.
Istanbul skyline seen while learning language. Language Learning in the Modern Age by Christopher Mitchell
An exploration by an experienced traveler and writer of the many ways to learn a language to immerse yourself in a host culture.
Settling into life in a new country, with rainbow over rocky hill. 8 Tips for Settling into a New Country Successfully by Matt Scott
Inside tips are provided by an experienced expat on smoothly and successfully adapting to living in your chosen country.
Before moving to Europe and red car in street. Before Moving to Europe
14 Things to Do: An Experienced Traveler's Checklist

How to prepare for your move.
Teaching english and creating resume on laptop. The Guide to Landing Your First Job Teaching English Abroad by John Clites
An experienced teacher offers expert advice, including a step-by-step process to create a compelling resume for that first job.

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