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Teach English in Asia

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"Despite the rumors, a native’s knowledge of the English language is not an automatic passport to employment anywhere abroad. It can, however, be put to profitable use in many Asian countries. In Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and, increasingly, China a high proportion of the population are eager for tuition from English speakers. A university degree in any subject is genuinely the only prerequisite, though in some cases just a degree of enthusiasm will suffice." — Susan Griffith reports in Teaching English In Asia.

  Articles and  Participant Stories on Teaching English in Asia
Temple in China Teach English in Asia: Finding a Job by Susan Griffith
An expert on work abroad and author of a classic book on teaching English abroad provides an overview of the many job options in Asia, along with rich resources.
Teach English in China with Worldteach The Best Countries to Teach English in Asia by Michael Hines
Many nations in Asia share a desire to learn English and most are experiencing a strong demand for teachers. From South Korea to Vietnam, most Asian countries are in racing to get their population to learn the lingua franca of globalization.
Teaching English China location Teach English in China: Work and Live in a Great Location
Nick and Dariece provide a guide to help you find the right location in China for you, be it big city or smaller town, to teach English and live.
Teaching English children in China A Practical Guide to Finding an English Teaching Job in China by Dominic Woodman
The steps for finding the major types of jobs teaching English in China, including a what is needed to obtain a visa.
Teaching English kindergarden in China Teaching English and Living in Yangzhou, China
Nick and Dariece spent a memorable year of complete immersion teaching English in China to kindergarteners and living in Yangzhou, and describe their experience. They also managed to make lasting friends, create many memories, and save quite a bit of money in the process.
Teach in China How to Choose Your First Job Teaching English in China by Dr. Gregory Mavrides
An expert view and very practical advice for those who seek to teach English in China for the first time.
China New Year Choose the Right School in China by Eve Bergazyn
Where and in which schools should you teach English in China? Inside tips on options for the type of job to take and to whom you should talk.
Bridge in China Teaching English in China: Teachers Soon Become Students by Smitha Murthy
Practical advice for finding a job teaching English in China including warnings about possible pitfalls based upon actual work experience.
Guide to Teaching English in Taiwan Teaching English in Taiwan: What Your Need to Know by Tim Backes
What you need to know to move to Taiwan and the requirements for finding a suitable job as an English teacher. There are many options for places to work and the pay is relatively good.
Teaching English in South Korea A Guide to Teaching English and Living in South Korea by Linda Dunsmore
What you need to know to teach and live in East Asia’s "Land of the Morning Calm."
Teach English in South Korea Teach English in South Korea: Own Your Adventure by Thomas Gates
What is involved in teaching English in South Korea according to an experienced teacher who has explored the culture in-depth.
Vietnam language school Teaching English and Living in Vietnam: A Southeast Asia Giant by Nathan Edgerton
The guide to teaching English and living in Vietnam — where the options are almost endless — by an expert and author.
Teaching English in Bangkok Teaching English and Living in Bangkok by Nathan Edgerton
Bangkok has a high demand for English teachers in many different types of schools, from corporate training centers to small private schools to public schools with 50 students per class. There are opportunities for beginning teachers as well as those with more experience...
Teaching English in Bangkok, Thailand Teaching English in Bangkok: The Guide to Finding Work Fast in a Laid Back Culture by Ian Moore
An inside guide to finding jobs fast when arriving in Bangkok, Thailand, along with extensive tips and key resources.
Teaching English in Chiang Mai Live and Teach in Smiling Chiang Mai by Kimberly L Bryant
Recently voted one of the friendliest cities in the world, Chiang Mai is a fantastic place to dip your toes into the world of teaching English. The relaxed environment and low-key attitude make for a gentle introduction to TEFL for those just starting out...
Buddha statue Teaching English and Living in Thailand: Do Your Homework Before Choosing a Job by Lindy Sinka
A guide that discusses many key aspects involved in preparing to find work and live in Thailand.
Teach English in Vietnam Why You Should Teach English in Vietnam Right Now by Sam Bedford
Find so many opportunities right now for native English speakers to find paid work teaching English in Vietnam, live well, and save money.
Living in Ho Chi Minh City Living and Teaching in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam by Angharad Bates
Top tips and resources by someone who experienced teaching in the bustling city of HCMC.
Teaching English in Thailand: The 10 Day Job Search  by A.J. Hoge
A.J. Hoge tells you how to find a job teaching English in Thailand within 10 days of stepping off the plane.
Getting Started Teaching English in Japan: What to Expect by John Sheldon
A description of the major roads taken by those who teach or wish to teach English in Japan, while providing realistic advice for teachers in the "Land of the Rising Sun."
Teaching English and Living in Japan by Lindy Sinka
A practical guide about what is involved in teaching English in Japan. She also offers a taste of Japanese culture and expatriate life as well.
Teach English in Japan: Find a Job through the Web  by Celeste Heiter
Inside tips on finding jobs via the Web teaching English in Japan.
How to Find an English Teaching Job from Inside Japan by Dominic Woodman
A step-by-step guide to finding jobs teaching English in Japan, with information about choosing a place of work to getting your work visa.
The JET Programme: Teaching English in Japan While Getting to Know it as an Insider by Aaron Paulson
What's it like to teach English with Japan's reputable Jet Programme? Here is a participant's guide to teaching English in Japan as a well-paid assistant.
Teaching English in Taiwan: Lucrative Job in Rich Environment
Newley Purnell provides a thorough description of the lucrative jobs available teaching English in Taiwan, and provides inside tips for enjoying its rich culture.
Teaching English and Living in South Korea by Linda Sinka
Lindy Sinka, who has taught in various parts of Asia, offers a practical overview of what is involved in teaching English in Korea. She also offers a taste of Korean culture and expatriate life.
Living and Teaching English in South Korea by Jalel Marti Sager
A practical and inspiring insider's view of his experience living and teaching English in South Korea.
English Teaching Contacts in Korea: What to Ask For by Lindsay Nash
The details you should know for a successful experience.
Freelance Teaching English in Bangkok, Thailand  
A.J. Hoge provides practical inside tips for setting up a freelance business teaching English.
How to Teach English in a Thai High School by Paul King
Paul King describes in-depthh his experience as a teacher.
Teaching English in Indonesia by Geoff Andrews
The many advantages of teaching English in Indonesia while offering practical tips on work requirements and an overview of the cultural characteristics.
Teaching English and Living in Malaysia by Emile Alexander Dodds
The type of jobs available for English teachers in Malaysia — a country with many Western comforts.
Living and Teaching in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Top tips and resources by one who experienced the bustling city of HCMC as an English teacher.
Teaching English in Vietnam
David M. Lenard provides and overview.
Teaching English in Hanoi
Nick Dall provides details on what being a teacher and life is actually like in the bustling city of Hanoi.
Teaching English and Living in Singapore
Nathan Edgerton provides the inside scoop on being a teacher.
Notes from an English Teacher in Cambodia
Margaret Ulrich describes her rich experience.

Part-time Teaching Jobs All Across Japan!
Looking for part-time teaching jobs in Japan?
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Our nationwide language teacher-student matching service is 100% Free for teachers. We are especially good at matching private English teachers with Japanese students in urban areas like Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Sendai, Fukuoka, Saitama, Chiba, Kobe, etc.
Available languages: English, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Tagalog and Arabic.

AUA Language Center
Over 50 years of Teaching English as a Foreign Language, with many branches across Thailand.

Chatteris Educational Foundation
Graduate English Language Tutors (GELTs) are placed in Hong Kong schools and given a monthly allowance and free housing for the first 2 weeks. Recent graduates preferred.

CIEE: Council on International Educational Exchange
Teach English Abroad Programs in China, Thailand, South Korea
CIEE Teach Abroad in China places individuals just like you in paid semester or year English teaching jobs in elementary, middle, high school, or university level positions in urban or town locations in eastern China. Program benefits include a paid teaching, in-country orientation, rent-free accommodations for the duration of the teaching contract, airfare reimbursement for year-long participants, travel and medical insurance, and CIEE pre-departure and emergency support. Optional pre-departure TEFL certification is available.

The Cultural Exchange Project
Paid English Teacher in Thailand
This is a full-time, paid position to teach English in Thailand for $1100/month. Teaching positions are available all over Thailand and the jobs are guaranteed. You get National Holidays off and accident and medical insurance. We screen 100% of the jobs. Degree holders are placed very quickly. We can also place individuals without a degree.

Footprints Recruiting
Teaching English in Asia
Teaching in China — and elsewhere in Asia — with Footprints is a rewarding experience. We have been connecting native English speakers with schools in Asia since 2001 and have sent over 10,000 people on life-changing journeys overseas. The majority of our teaching jobs are in China and Korea, but we also work with Hong Kong, and Japan. We make your move abroad easier by helping you at every step of the application and visa process — so apply today!

Greenheart Travel
Get Paid to Teach in Asia
Greenheart Travel offers TESOL courses, if needed, and paid teaching spots in Cambodia, Japan, South Korea, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. See their website for details.

International TEFL Academy
TEFL Courses and Teaching Jobs in Asia
Ged paid to teach English in Korea, Japan, and Thailand. Job placement assistance for all graduates of TEFL courses.

Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program for U.S. Citizens
Administered by the Japanese government, it is the largest single program for teaching English. Graduating seniors and university degree holders eligible. Also offers positions for those who have studied Japanese as Coordinators of International Relations.

Fellowships Teaching in Asia
Fellowships for college graduates, usually teaching English, for one or two years in countries across Asia. Teachers may be responsible for transportation. Salary very much country-dependent; housing and health insurance arranged. Must interview and have orientation in Princeton.

Teach Away Inc.
Teaching English as a Second Language Placements in Southeast Asia

We currently offer teaching jobs in Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Each year, hundreds of graduates explore the world and experience a new culture through Teach Away’s international teaching programs.

Vantage TEFL Certification
TEFL Training and Job Placements in Thailand
Established in 2007, Vantage TEFL offers a 120-hour, In-Class course with six hours of observed teaching practice and is validated by Fairmont State University (USA). Graduates receive 3 Master’s credits. Vantage also recently received an award as the “Overall Top TEFL Provider.”
Vantage provides lifelong job support. They will craft your own Power Resume, They’ll coach you on interviewing techniques and formulate a personalized job search strategy.
Vantage is unique in that it has two major footprints in Asia. Partnerships with Thailand’s leading recruitment agencies that place hundreds of teachers in Thai schools every year.
They offer a guaranteed job in China through their partner that has 90+ schools in 17. Candidates get US$500 off their TEFL tuition.
They also offer a 120-hour Combined Course, blending online curriculum study with a live practicum of 6 observed teaching practices.

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