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Adventure hiking in the desert
Photo by Lies Ouwerkerk from "Adventure Travel: Solo or in a Small Group?"

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Gutsy Women Travel was created 18 years ago to cater to like-minded women from all walks of life who love to travel and want to share the experience with others. We offer worldwide-guided vacations, Boutique River Cruises and African Safari's offering one-stop shopping from travel insurance, transfers, airfare and pre and post tours. It's about broadening horizons, feeding an inner desire to travel, and creating new friendships with other gutsy women! There's never been a better time to be bold, be adventurous, be spontaneous, and just be gutsy! 24/7 Online booking inquiry.
Gutsy Women Travel
Contact: April M. Merenda, President & Co-Founder, Gutsy Women Travel, LLC, Operated by Club Adventures powered by AAA Exclusive Vacations, 110 Royal Little Dr, Providence, RI 02904.
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 Adventure Travel and Tour Abroad Advisor
Adventure Travel Solo versus Group Adventure Travel: Solo or in a Small Group? by Lies Ouwerkerk, Senior Contributing Editor
An exploration of the pros and cons of solo and group adventure travel abroad by a very experienced globetrotter who has explored many remote regions.
Small Group Travel The Practical Guide to a Successful Small Group Tour by Stephanie Dyson
If you are considering an adventure, cultural, or responsible tour to an exotic or otherwise inaccessible location, here is a guide to let you know what to expect.
Adventure Travel in a Group Adventure Travel in a Group by R.M. O'Brien
An adventure tour leader describes both the pros and cons of leaving some travel decisions to others, and offers resources for those who wish to go on small group tours with an emphasis on responsible tourism.
Budget adventure travel Budget Adventure Travel: Do It Yourself by Tim Leffel
How to research and book budget adventure travel or tours abroad on your own, as laid out by a long-time world traveler and author.
Being an explorer Four Ways You Are Already An Explorer by Amy Gigi Alexander
"Exploration today is about our own human potential—whether it is an inner journey or one based on discovery outside of ourselves."
Adventure Travel Abroad by a Senior Adventure Travel as a Senior by Dorothy Conlon
A unique perspective by an experienced senior describing her many adventurous travels around the globe, sharing some of her many memories.
 Adventure Travel Abroad Participant Reports
South Africa elephant Camping Safari in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe by Lies Ouwerkerk, Senior Contributing Editor
A series of illustrated adventures through remarkable regions and countries in Africa while in a small group, camping and seeing spectacular wildlife and natural wonders, and meeting local people along the way.
Travel in South Africa Five Unforgettable Adventures in South Africa by Ted Campbell
Adventures in South Africa, where the realities for a traveler far exceed what can ever be imagined
White-water rafting in Andorra Adventure Travel in Stunning Andorra by Senior Contributing Editor Lies Ouwerkerk
The beautiful small Principality of Andorra, between Spain and France, is a great place for adventure travel and sports.
Biking around the world Budget Adventure Travel: Tour the World on a Bike by Friedel Rother
The many ways to bicycle anywhere in the world—options which range from independent to luxury group travel.
Expedition travel in Canada What You Need to Know Before Going on an Expedition Cruise by Nora Dunn
Bariloche adventure activities 9 Adventure Activities in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina by Shanie Matthews
Beautiful and eclectic San Carlos de Bariloche provides a plethora of activities for the adventurous.
Adventure Travel with Tuaregs in Mail Among the Blue Men: Travel, Ritual, and Adventure with a Tuareg Nomadic Tribe in Mali by James Michael Dorsey
A nomadic tribe in Mali graciously invite an adventurous author into their clan, where he witnesses their unique rituals and lives.
Adventure travel in Patagonia Visiting Patagonia with an Argentinean Adventure Travel Company by Lies Ouwerkerk
A low-cost adventure travel tour with a local Argentinean company in beautiful and diverse Patagonia.
Sailing on a sailboat Around the World by Sailboat by Andy Schnell
The euphoria and the realities of traveling around the world on a large sailboat, with advice and resources on how to find such adventurous life-changing travel and even work.
Adventure Travel in the Arctic Call of the Arctic: Voyage by Icebreaker Ship Along the Edge of the World by Lies Ouwerkerk
Traveling on an icebreaker had been on my wish list for quite a long time. Polar expeditions do not come cheap, however, as icebreakers are extremely expensive to run, due to high fuel costs and crew/staff—passenger ratio. But when an extra work contract fell unexpectedly into my lap this year, I jumped on the sudden opportunity to make my dream come true.
Travel by cargo ship worldwide Travel by Cargo Ship Around the World by Friedel Rother
The many advantages of travel by cargo ship, which is at once adventurous, practical, and often cheaper than other modes to arrive in exotic lands.
Whale in Mexico The Whale Keepers of San Ignacio by James Michael Dorsey
The story of a unique community in Mexico the author has visited on many occasions.
Safari in Botswana Journey Botswana by Rob Sangster
A safari (Swahili for "journey") experience in Botswana reveals not only incredible wildlife but a new emphasis on ecology.
Group adventure travel in Norway Norway State of Mind: A Passion for Adventures in Nature by Jeff Titelius
Life in Norway is dominated by a love for total immersion and celebration of nature. This is the story of a group adventure along with trip resources.
Adventure sports in Greece Adventure on Samos Island in Greece by Donia Lilly
A tour of the natural and cultural attractions of the relatively unknown island of Samos, Greece and a description of how adventure sports tourism may help contribute to sustaining its natural beauty and economy.
Zimbabwe elephant Why Zimbabwe is the Best Safari Destination for Ethical Travelers by Rebecca Shapiro
Zimbabwe is undergoing a positive transformation, and is now home to many great ethical safari companies who provide much-needed income to locals while protecting the animals and land.
Adventure trekking the Himalayas Adventures Trekking the Himalayas by Larry Morgan
Inside tips on adventure travel trekking in the Himalayas along with useful resources, including stunning photos from the author's journey in Nepal.
Tibet adventures How to Plan Your Own Tibetan Trekking Adventure by Andris Bjornson
The many options for trekking adventures in Tibet, including practical survival resources and travel advice.
Travel Mauritania Adventures Along Mauritania's Ancient Caravan Routes by Lies Ouwerkerk
A fascinating and vivid account of a series of adventures in the desert along the ancient caravan routes in North Africa.
Adventure in Morocco Adventures in Morocco's Magical Sahara Desert by Friedel Rother
A story for those who enjoy memorable cultural and physical adventures.
Adventures in the Galapagos Islands Exploring the Galapagos Islands: Fragile and Fabulous by Alison Gardner
An adventure visiting the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador via an eco-cruise with Ecoventura, a tour operator committed to conservaton of the fragile and fabulous ecological environment.
Costa rica rafting Rafting to a Jungle Lodge in Costa Rica: Indulge in a Sustainable Adventure by Katherine McIntyre
An adventure tour on a great rafting river in Costa Rica where the destination is a sustainable lodge down the river.
Cultural tours in Latin America Top Mountain Towns to Learn Spanish in Latin America and Spain
Schools that Combine Language Learning and Adventure Tours
Six of the top language schools to learn Spanish and experience adventure tours in Latin America and Spain.
Adventure trekking in Patagonia An Adventure Trekking in Patagonia, Argentina
Hiking through Patagonia in Argentina and visiting the local Indian community is a rich experience. The author provides tips and resources should you wish to explore the region and contribute to the local community.
Spanish and kayaking in Chile How to Improve Your Spanish and also Kayak in Chile
An adventure in Chile where the author participated in whitewater rafting while improving her Spanish.
Camping safari Tanzania Camping Safari in Africa
A camping safari in Africa is a great way to enjoy the wildlife, visit the locals, and experience the culture. Here are tips and resources for you to make it happen.
Desert safari in Egypt A Desert Escape in Egypt
An escape from the bustling streets of Cairo on a private desert safari.
Hot air ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey by Alison Gardner
An exhilarating trip in a hot air balloon over the volcanic landscapes and stone-house communities in Cappadocia, Turkey. Resources for ballooning in beautiful locations around the world.
British Columbia, Canada tour Intimate Glimpses of Canada's Wild West Coast by Alison Gardner
A trip aboard a historic boat to visit Canada's west coast shoreline and culturally rich islands on a small group tour.
Biking in Eastern Europe Biking in Eastern Europe by Tim Leffel
Some of the many cycling options in Eastern Europe—from independent to group tours of all kinds.
Adventure surfing in Cornwall An Adventure Surfing on the Cheap in Cornwall, England
Learning to surf at a school in Penzance, a port in Cornwall, England.
Adventure in Quebec Tree-Top Adventures in Quebec
Adventures in beautiful Quebec, including swinging from tree to tree.

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