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Started by William Nolting, an Assistant Director at the International Center of the University of Michigan and former Work Abroad and International Educational Editor for Transitions Abroad. The Work Abroad Advisor is dedicated to information and experiences specifically for students or recent graduates. Work, including volunteering, is the only affordable education abroad choice for a great number of students. What are the opportunities? How can students find work abroad? William Nolting answers these questions in practical and comprehensive resource-based articles.

The related International Career Advisor column, with Jean-Marc Hachey providing his expertise, concentrates on student preparation for an international career before, during, and after graduation.

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Student Work Abroad and International Career Advisor
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Student Work and Learn Abroad Programs from InterExchange
InterExchange, a nonprofit organization with more than 50 years of cultural exchange experience, offers work and volunteer programs for U.S. citizens in a variety of countries around the world, including Au Pair, Teach English, Spanish Immersion and Work & Travel.

Programs are offered in Asia, Europe, North and South America, and Oceania.

Student Internships Abroad from InterExchange Contact: Interexchange Working Abroad, 100 Wall Street, Suite 301, New York, NY 10005, USA.
Tel.: 212-924-0446; toll-free 1.800-597-3675.

Established in 1962, BUNAC has enabled thousands of travelers to explore the world and is recognized as a specialist in the field of overseas work and travel programs. Taking part in a BUNAC overseas work/intern/volunteer program gives you the chance to live and work in a new and exciting country and do something really worthwhile with your time off from work or studies. BUNAC programs offer a unique opportunity to: discover a different culture, gain valuable new skills, meet a new circle of friends, broaden your horizons, be truly independent, and create your very own overseas adventure of a lifetime.
Work in Australia with BUNAC Contact: BUNAC USA, 585 N. Juniper Drive Suite 250, Chandler, AZ 85226

Paid Internship in China — Build your CV & Gain your Skills with Go Abroad China
Founded in 2003, Go Abroad China is the leading all-in-one internship program provider in China. GAC Abroad offers talented college students, undergraduates, recent graduates and early-career changers worldwide an opportunity to experience a real, cross-cultural working world in China in order to get an edge in the competitive job market through this unique internship experience. With 15-year professional practice, GAC guarantees 2,000+ high-level internship opportunities in China by partnering with 1,000+ reputable multinational and local companies in 20+ major sectors. All internships are highly tailored to participants’ interests, background, field of study, career goals, desired sectors, duration and budgets.
Student working in China Contact: Go Abroad China. 
Tel: 86-15611618596 

 Featured Expert Articles on Student Work Abroad and International Careers
Short-Term Jobs and Internships Abroad for Students and Recent Graduates
William Nolting provides an overview and lists the options, including paid and unpaid internships, with major student work abroad and work exchange programs.
International Internships: Cover Expenses, Gain Career Experience in an Internship Abroad
William Nolting 's comprehensive overview for students of the primary internship opportunities abroad.
Build an International Employment Profile
Jean-Marc Hachey methodically walks through the steps for creating an international employment profile which will enable both the student and the post-graduate to launch a career overseas.
Creating International Resumes
Jean-Marc Hachey describes the difference between international and domestic resumes and provides tips on how to create them.
Living and Working Abroad 
Jean-Marc Hachey offers insights on international employment trends and opportunities while providing inspirational advice for the student job seeker.
Use Study Abroad to Launch Your International Career: Planning Your Study Abroad Experience with a Focus on Your Future 
Zahara Heckscher offers practical inside tips on how to leverage your study abroad experience to start an international career.
How to Choose a Graduate Degree Program for Your International Career 
Zahara Heckscher provides advice based upon her experience for those selecting from the many great graduate degree programs with the goal of pursuing an international career.
Teaching English Overseas: A Great Stepping-Stone to International Careers 
Jean-Marc Hachey lists many of the major motivations for teaching English abroad and suggests that the plethora of ESL jobs may also provide an accessible and satisfying path to other international careers.
Working Toward a (Livable) Career in International Development Work
Caryn Sweeny lays out in detail the path to a career working for an NGO and offers advice and resources.
Long-Term Jobs Abroad: Many ESL Jobs Available for Uncertified Teachers
Anthony Hand and William Nolting on why teaching English is one of the most common options for the post-grad student seeking long-term work abroad.
Work Abroad Exchanges: Short-Term Paid Work Programs for Students and Recent Graduates
William Nolting lists student work abroad exchanges and paid short-term jobs for recent college graduates.
Making a Difference: Volunteering and Education Abroad
Charles Gliozzo analyzes the connection between volunteering and study abroad, and notes the increasing number of students who participate in volunteer work programs worldwide.
Short-Term Work and Internship Abroad Checklist by Jane Cary

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