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Study Abroad to find work Study Abroad Increases Professional Job Prospects by Isabel Eva Bohrer
IES Abroad surveyed over 1,000 study abroad alumni in order to determine the impact of such experience on the ability of recent graduates to find work after completion of a college degree. The findings strongly indicate that study abroad provides many advantages and often leads to international employment.
How to Fund Study Abroad How to Fund Your Study Abroad by Ashleigh Bugg
A winner of the Student Travel Writing Contest offers advice to students on how to go about funding their semester abroad using scholarships, grants, crowdfunding, and more.
Dharamsala host family How to Select the Right International Program: 10 Key Steps by Rachel Rueckert
A Student Travel Writing Contest winner describes how to choose the right international program for your needs while you are a student.
Study abroad for your career How to Market Your Study Abroad Experience by Jean-Marc Hachey
Practical options laid out by an expert on selling your study abroad experience and skills to potential employers.
Gap year abroad The Allure of the Gap Year by Susan Griffith
The rise in popularity of the gap semester or gap year experience. Resources for gap year options for teen and college students.
Living in Spain as a student The Student's Guide to Living Abroad in Spain by Heather Olafsson
A Student Travel Writing Contest winner offers help from Madrid on moving to Spain, telling her own unique story of a long-term stay as a student while providing practical advice.
Study abroad in Nice, France A Year Abroad in Nice, France on a Full Scholarship by Sarena Tien
With the English Assistant Program in Rouen, France Inside the Teaching Assistant Program in France by Sarena Tien
During her gap year while a student, teaching with this prestigious program turned out to be a great opportunity in France, as well as to travel around Europe.
Archeology Field Schools Abroad How to Pick an Archaeological Field School Abroad by Kobi Weaver
The student provides valuable inside information about how to successfully apply to acheological field schools that are run abroad.
Student budget guide to Europe The Student Guide to an Affordable Year in Europe by Sarah Stites
How to at once save money to travel around Europe as a student while trying to stay closer to the local people. A variety of valuable tips for fellow students.

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