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Best Budget Travel Websites and Blogs

Budget Travel Websites and Blogs
Photo by Ted Campbell.

Budget travel information has become vital for many travelers, especially when the U.S. dollar or your country's currency slips against the world's major currencies in recent years. For a good reason, Arthur Frommer discontinued the "Europe on $20 a Day" guidebook series a few years ago because a book titled "Europe on $300 a Day" does not sound quite as enticing. Airfare fees were also rising, with extra fees subject to constant increases. All these factors drove people towards budget travel as a necessity.

Fortunately for Americans, the U.S. dollar has recently recovered its strength against other currencies. However, while dealing with inflation, travelers still seek out good deals as much as ever to stretch their precious vacations or long-term trips.

The following websites and resources from experienced experts are here to empower you to become more budget-savvy. They provide vital information for budget-conscious international travelers, but remember, budget travel is relative and depends on your circumstances, finances, and goals. The websites below suggest practical ways to travel cheaply, meet the locals, experience and respect the cultures of your hosts more appreciatively and intimately, and have a more authentic experience by traveling independently.

The Cheapest Destinations blog by Tim Leffel consists of an award-winning succession of in-depth posts that serve as excellent practical advice and examples on budget travel. Few travel writers are as connected to practical matters and issues regarding budget travel worldwide as Tim constantly makes new discoveries and reports about them. Now an expat with Mexico as a base, Tim has also written two excellent books on cheap travel and living abroad.

Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door was one of the original experts on European budget travel, born of his days as a backpacker. Author of over 30 books and seemingly everywhere in the media promoting his practical form of budget travel with an eye towards exploring the art and culture of each country, Rick was the first columnist for Transitions Abroad Magazine with his own Back Door Travel column.

Nomadic Matt, with 15 years experience traveling on the cheap, has created a slick and admirable website packed with budget travel ideas and resources with many practical articles on how to travel short- or long-term to destinations worldwide. He is the author of "How to Travel the World on $50 a Day" and "Ten Years a Nomad," among other guides he produces.

The Professional Hobo, hosted by Nora Dunn, is an excellent blog full of a wide variety of practical information by one who has traveled and sustained herself through remote work abroad since 2006. Nora is unusually candid about any financial mishaps she experienced as a traveler. She passes her lessons and solutions on with analysis and advice generously offered in her posts, e-books, conferences, and social media.

Travelfish is an independent travel guide to most countries in Southeast Asia researched by travelers for travelers. The truly outstanding site includes many budget travel planning tips to help expore even remote areas of the region and appreciate the local cultures while enjoying your trip. Affordable accommodations you might not normally find are described and recommended, and so much more.

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