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Featured Article on Volunteering in Kenya
Volunteer in Kenya Volunteering and Living in Kenya
Adapting to living in Keyna while volunteering to help locals, who offer the hospitality of their community.

Volunteer Abroad in Kenya from US$250
Affordable volunteer opportunities available in Nairobi, Kenya. Volunteers can participate in Teaching (Urban and Rural), Orphanage, Sports Education, HIV/AIDS Work, Medical Placement, Music Program and Women Education Program. IVHQ sends over 5000 volunteer travelers worldwide annually - one of the world's most popular volunteer placement organizations!
Volunteer in Kenya with VolunteerHQ Contact: International Volunteer HQ, PO Box 8273, New Plymouth, NEW ZEALAND.
+64 6 758 7949.

Volunteer Abroad in Kenya — Maasai from US$250
Affordable volunteer opportunities available in Maasailand, Kenya. Volunteers can participate in Teaching and Medical Placement. IVHQ sends over 5000 volunteer travelers worldwide annually - one of the world's most popular volunteer placement organizations!
Volunteer in Kenya  - Maasai with VolunteerHQ

Projects Abroad in Kenya
Projects Abroad is the world's largest international volunteer organization. Trusted by over 132,000 volunteers. Discover 18 exciting countries across 5 continents: Argentina, Botswana, Cambodia, Ecuador - Galapagos Islands, Fiji, Ghana, Jamaica, Kenya, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal, Peru, Philippines, Romania, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, and Vietnam. Volunteer programs start year-round and last from one week to a year. Opportunities exist in teaching, childcare, social work, conservation, community development, medicine, human rights, journalism, international development, language courses, and more! Programs are for ages 16+.


Volunteer Abroad in Kenya for 4-52 Weeks
In Kenya, volunteers will find a dynamic melting pot of languages, cultures, wildlife and landscapes. Roughly the size of France, Kenya contains considerable geographic diversity – mountains, deserts, volcanic highlands and wide savannas en route to the Indian Ocean. Kenya is comfortably warm year-round with heavy rainfall in the spring. Wildlife habitats, including Maasai Mara, protect many native wildlife species including lions, rhinoceros, leopards, buffalo and elephants. Rural areas are rich with tradition, and volunteers will be welcomed again and again by friendly locals.
Volunteer in Kenya

More information can be found at: and for United Planet’s Kenya programs at:
Feel free to visit us from 9 AM to 5 PM at United Planet, Boston Harbor Shipyard and Marina, 256 Marginal Street, Boston, MA 02128.

Action for Children in Conflict
Volunteer placements working with children in Kenya.

African Impact
Volunteer in Wildlife Conservation in Kenya
Help monitor wildlife while participating in research that contributes to animal conservation.

Discover Corps
Volunteer Vacations with Purpose in Kenya: Safari and Conservation
Volunteer vacations for adults and families in Kenya. Immerse yourself in a different culture while giving back, engaging in hands-on cultural workshops, and connecting with fascinating people. See lions, cheetah, and elephants while helping conservationists in the African savannah.

Ecologia Youth Trust
Volunteer in Kenya
Experience community development in action! Volunteer at a home for orphaned children and sustainable community project, empowering women, eco-agriculture, and immerse yourself in Kenyan life and culture.

Volunteer and Travel in Kenya
Kaya volunteer and travel in Kenya allows participants the opportunity to support the people and wildlife of a country that is becoming more and more stratified as tourism money causes greater disparity between populations. Help educate about the prevention of HIV/AIDS through community outreach and education, assist in lion and native wildlife conservation and native inhabitant coexistence, or lend a hand in any one of a variety of schools that are extremely under staffed.

Kids Worldwide
Volunteering in Kenya and Across Africa
Volunteer on projects relating to children across Africa. Program costs are paid to the director of the project which will cover all food and accommodation.

Love Volunteers
Voluneer Jobs in Kenya
Love Volunteers provides individuals with the chance to travel abroad and immerse in a new culture, while participating in projects that provide help where it is needed most. Join the world’s fastest growing independent volunteering organization for a truly memorable experience volunteering abroad in Kenya. All volunteer projects are responsible, safe, and affordable! Visit our website to check out our range of community-based projects and find out how you can make a REAL difference!


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