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Summer Jobs and Seasonal Jobs in Australia and New Zealand

Key Employers

Jobs in Australia and New Zealand

 Articles on Jobs Abroad in Australia, New Zealand and Australasia
Summer and Seasonal Jobs in Australia 
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 Jobs in Australia and Australasia
Key Employers in Australasia
Internship Jobs in Australasia
Volunteer Jobs in Australasia

Work and Travel in Australia and New Zealand
Work & Travel in Australia with InterExchange
Our Work & Travel programs are geared towards independently-minded travelers who want to explore another country with the ability to earn some cash along the way. We help our participants find international jobs and housing and provide pre-departure support, in-country assistance during your stay, and alumni resources when you return. When you are not working, you can spend your time discovering the amazing natural scenery and culture of Australia!

Work in Australia Work in Australia with BUNAC
Dreaming of a rockin' adventure down under? Of course you are. With its amazing surfing, vibrant cities, tropical rainforests and relaxed living, it's easy to understand why Australia is one of the world's most popular backpacker destinations. At BUNAC, we have two different working holiday programs for you to choose from. We'll assist with job and accommodation hunting on arrival, BUNAC's full supportive packages for up to 12 months will make your working holiday the experience of a lifetime.

Academic Programs International (API)
International Internships in Australia and New Zealand

Brisbane/Gold Coast, Australia
Begin to explore and cultivate your future career through a high quality, academic-based international internship. Interns in Brisbane will experience the "World's Best Downtown," home to over 2.5 million Australians and one of the oldest cities in the country. The Gold coast is the 2nd most populous city in Queensland, and offers miles of sunny beaches and waterways. Both locations are great destinations for hospitality, business, and other placements.
Melbourne, Australia
Begin to explore and cultivate your future career through a high quality, academic-based international internship. Interns in Melbourne will experience placements in the capital and most populous city of Victoria (2nd largest city in Australia). The city was recently named the 2nd best student city in the world (QS World Rankings), as well as one of the world’s top 3 most livable cities. It is widely considered the “foodie capital of Australia.
Sydney, Australia
unique opportunities for you to begin to explore and cultivate your future career through a high quality, academic-based international internship. Interns in Sydney will experience Australia's largest, oldest, and most cosmopolitan city. As the nation's economic and financial hub, Sydney is one of the world's most multicultural cities and home to over 500 multinational companies. Why limit yourself to interning locally?
Auckland, New Zealand
Begin to explore and cultivate your future career through a high quality, academic-based international internship. Interns in Auckland will enjoy living and working in the "city of sails" — New Zealand's largest and most cosmopolitan city. Why limit yourself to interning locally? Start developing yourself and your career abroad through this exhilarating opportunity of a lifetime with API!
Wellington, New Zealand
Unique opportunities for you to begin to explore and cultivate your future career through a high quality, academic-based international internship. Interns in Wellington will experience placements in New Zealand's dynamic capital city — a unique blend of European and South Pacfic, oft compared to Seattle and Portland for its climate and cafe culture. Why limit yourself to interning locally?

Camp Counselors USA (CCUSA): Work Adventures Down Under
Offers a program to travel, work and travel in Australia and/or New Zealand for the summer or up to two years (one year in each country).

Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA)
CVA has been organizing short- and long-term voluntary conservation projects, including tree planting, walking trail construction, and wildlife surveys in Australia since 1982.
"Each year, Conservation Volunteers involves over 10,000 volunteers, plants 1 million trees and trains 1,000 groups and individuals."

Global Choices: Work Holiday in Australia
When you say Australia — the first thing that comes to your mind is kangaroos, surfing, and aborigines. It sounds very attractive and exotic, but if you are going to travel there for the Working Holiday you realize that it is not a piece of cake to do all travel arrangements (accommodation, job, bank account etc.,) before your departure. If you do not want to waste your precious time on sorting out such things as banking, jobs, tax file number ID, accommodation, mobile phone, tax refund etc., we would like to offer you our programme: Working Holiday package — complete peace of mind before leaving!

HELP Exchange (HelpX)
Free info exchange for people who want to work for free accommodation and meals in Australia and New Zealand. Offers thousands of addresses of hosts in Australia and New Zealand.

Involvement Volunteers International
IVI has links with projects around Australia (and worldwide). Past placements have included assisting zoology research in Queensland, working at a reptile park in South Australia, and social service work with children, elderly, and disabled people.

National Harvest Guide: Australian Government
Centralized source of information on vacancies in fruit and vegetable harvests throughout Australia, especially in the busy harvest season (Jan-March).

New Zealand Trust for Conservation Volunteers
National organization that maintains an online register of conservation projects throughout New Zealand for the benefit of volunteers including international volunteers. Many project organizers provide free transport and accommodations.

Travellers Contact Point
Agency with office in Sydney that helps people (who have a working holiday visa) to set up work and their many other services. Members are provided aid in job search and much more. A very welcoming working holiday starter package is also available along with gap year programs.

Working In
Web-based employment resource aims to put people who are arriving in Australia or New Zealand in touch with employers who are seeking skilled and professional people.

WorkAway in Oceania
"The Largest and Safest Community for Cultural Exchange, Working Holidays, and Volunteering in 170 Countries"
Workaway hosts offer various jobs and activities, including individual exchanges, teaching projects including English, farm stays, community projects, NGOs & charities, environmental projects, animal welfare, hostels, families & homestays, house sitting, boating & sailing, and much more across Oceania.
Many of the opportunities offer free room and board with various options depending on the host. Workaway provides resources to help you get the most out of your experience and emphasizes safety. All for a small membership fee.

WWOOF Australia (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms)
Distributes the Australian WWOOF book and app, with the addresses of about 1,800 member farms in Australia looking for short- or long-term voluntary help. Membership costs AU$70 (which includes insurance and a new app!).

WWOOF New Zealand
See the excellent website that provides details about options to work on over 1,000 organic farms.
Membership costs NZ$40. Insurance can be procured through World Nomads. A visa for those aged 18-35 can also be obtained via BUNAC.

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