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The Resourceful Traveler

Budget Travel With a Difference

The Resourceful Traveler column by Tim Leffel is a rundown on how to avoid the tourist hordes and find a richer (and less expensive) travel and living abroad experience. His articles point readers to the best strategies and resources for scoring a deal while making every trip and move a rewarding adventure.

Author and expat Tim Leffel
Tim Leffel

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The Resourceful Travel Column and Other Articles
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Saving Machu Picchu
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Work Abroad as a Travel Writer
Make Your Fantasy Job a Reality: How to Find and Create Full-Time Work Abroad 
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For Cheap Travel, Steer Clear of the Crowds
Reservations About Reservations: Advanced Planning is Not Always a Good Idea
Hosting Programs Offer a Break from the Tourist Trail
Don't Take Your Regular Cell Phone Abroad: Some Wise Alternatives to Handing Your Phone Company All Your Money
The Coca Plant Paradox: A Simple Little Leaf With a Complicated History in South America
The Cerveza Report: A Complete Rundown on Mexican Beer
Around the World Travel: Fly to the Cluster and Save
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Rethinking Round-the-World Travel
Know Your Seasons for the Best Travel Bargains
Go Learn Something
Budget Adventure Travel
Eat Where the Locals Eat
Homestay Programs
Review of A Sense of Place
Top Ten Travel Books

Tim Leffel's Websites
World's Cheapest Destinations
Tim Leffel's excellent book on budget travel: The World's Cheapest Destinations: 21 Countries Where Your Dollars are Worth a Fortune is supplemented on his website by budget travel resources.
Tim Leffel's Cheapest Destinations Blog
Tim Leffel's Cheapest Destinations blog consists in an award-winning series of posts which serve as excellent practical articles on budget travel in and of themselves. No one is more tapped into important and eclectic issues on the subject of budget travel at home and worldwide.
Perceptive Travel by Tim Leffel
Tim publishes an award winning web magazine called Perceptive Travel, written for independent travelers with open senses and open minds, and featuring narrative writing from fine contemporary writers along with world music reviews. In addition, the collaborative piece of the website won the best travel blog Lowell Thomas award from the Society of American Travel Writers.

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