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Teaching English in Buenos Aires

In Argentina, English Classes Are Popular

Houses in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Houses in Buenos Aires. Photo courtesy of ITTT.

If you think Argentina's previous economic woes make it difficult to find a job teaching English in Buenos Aires, think again. The worldwide truth is that English is becoming more of a necessity and less of a luxury. EFL jobs are out there in Buenos Aires. And you needn't look far to find them.

Native English speakers are a prized commodity in this stretch of the world and, with just a little legwork, can find placement in classrooms around the city in a matter of weeks or even days. Assignments cover an astounding, and entertaining, array of classroom environments, curricular programs and student demographics. Recent placements for new TEFL teachers in Buenos Aires have included a class of employees of a local brewery, at-home conversation practice for teenage brothers moving to the U.S., and private lessons on fishing terminology for a man preparing for an upcoming vacation.

Work in Buenos Aires can be found in a number of ways. A highly effective one is simply to contact the dozens of English institutes located throughout the city. Usually a resume and an interview are all you need to get started, though experience and/or a TEFL certificate certainly won't hurt.

While institutes often offer new teachers several classes at once, don't be afraid to accept a random class here or there, or even to substitute for another instructor; these short-term or one-time deals often turn into more substantial assignments, especially if you prove to be a reliable teacher. Do check into the hourly pay, as well as whether transportation time is included.

EFL teachers have also had success getting private lessons by putting up ads on Mercado Libre and Craigslist Argentina in the employment section.

Finally, a not-to-be-overlooked avenue to finding work, especially in a highly social city like Buenos Aires, is simply chatting people up. Many teachers have met potential students by talking to people in bars, networking through current private students, or just shooting the bull with hostel owners or restaurant employees. In a world where almost everyone needs English, almost everyone has a friend, relative, or co-worker who is interested in paying or, at the very least, trading for classes.

EFL teachers in Buenos Aires are unlikely to find the kind of long-term, full-time contracts that will allow them to live the high life or even save a few pennies. However, those willing to take work where they can find it are able to piece together a satisfactory way to hang out in one of the continent's coolest countries.

For More Info

The sheer number of English institutes in Buenos Aires makes finding them relatively easy. The phonebook and Internet are good resources.

Wall Street Institute (multiple locations in Buenos Aires).

Certification Course with Job Placement Assistance

Certificate in TEFL and Job Placement Teaching English in Argentina with ITTT

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