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Transitions Abroad Magazine July/August Vol. XXVIII, NO. 1

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Traveler’s Almanac

What’s New on

Independent Traveler
Interview with Rick Steves Dr. Clay A. Hubbs
The Leading Destinations and Travel Books Dr. Clay A. Hubbs
How to Plan Your Next Vacation Robert Powell Sangster
Traveling Without a Plan Rebekah Clark
Doing it Yourself Makes a Difference Tim Leffel
See the Sites of the Ancient Olympics Drew Colenbrander
Traveler’s Insurance Tips Claire Hertzler
Independence with a Group Jeanne F. Becker
Off-Beat Camping in Europe Carol Mickelsen
Tepoztlán’s Festivals Jeannie Bruland
Soul Vacation Deborah L. Bassett
Culturally Sensitive Photography Jim Kane

Family Travel Resources
Two Families in Antibes Mary E. DeMuth
Slow Travel Pauline Kenny
Visiting International Friends Michael Ungar
Flying Overseas with Babies Nicole Ritter

Teen Travel Resources
The Inner Journey Jamie J. Woodall
Taking Time Off Grant Florian
Teen Travel in China Bill Mohan

Senior Travel Resources
My Vancouver Island Alison Gardner
A Kiwi Adventure Charles P. Carlson

Living Abroad Resources

Disability Travel Resources
Travel in Egypt Lynn Atkinson

Responsible Travel Resources

Web Picks for 2004 Gregory Hubbs

Directory of Programs

Back Door Travel
Credit Cards, Debit Cards & Cash in Europe Rick Steves

Working Traveler
Advice to Travel Writers Rolf Potts
Live and Work in London Erin McEvoy

International Careers
Protocol Officers Work with Foreign Visitors in U.S. Renee Brooks Catacalos

Living Abroad
Planning Extended Travel Diana L. Reid

Program New & Notes


Transitions Abroad

From the Editor

Since 1980 Transitions Abroad has published the Overseas Travel Planner as the first issue in each new volume year. Our team of editors selects the best resources for Disability Travel, Family Travel, Living Abroad, Senior Travel, Teen Travel, and Websites. This year we have expanded our selection of the best planning resources to include those for independent travelers seeking Responsible Travel Vacations—tourism that supports the people and their cultures as well as the environment.

We’re all aware of the negative impacts of travel, whether it’s the airplanes that transport us or the rainforest lodges that provide us with potable water and process our waste. (As Deborah McLaren says in her landmark book, Rethinking Tourism and Ecotravel, “For a tourist to have truly minimal impact, she would have to walk to the destination, use no natural resources, and bring her own food that she grew and harvested.”)

But no matter how much we want to do right by the earth and its people, we cannot deny our incurable wanderlust. And who can deny the benefits and the need for enlightened international travel, which brings people of diverse backgrounds together to share human knowledge, perspectives, understanding, and friendship.

We can’t stop traveling, but we can at least acknowledge that as “tourists” we have the power of choice over how we will travel—responsibly or not.

Starting with this issue and looking ahead to the November/December special issue on ecotourism, we are challenging ourselves to build upon Transitions Abroad’s and Deborah McLaren’s pioneering work. We are heeding Deborah’s call to take tourism a step further into the “responsible tourism movement…designed primarily to make people-to-people connections so that citizens of the world can experience the realities of other societies and environments.” As Deborah says, “Connecting with each other at a human level allows both the so-called hosts and guests to observe and learn from one another in more equitable, realistic terms.”

This issue’s Responsible Travel section identifies resources that can lead to experiences that foster international understanding and cooperation, political and economic empowerment of local populations, and cultural preservation, as well as the assurance that the community actually benefits from or has some ownership of the experience.

And, as we move into our 28th year of publishing, we look forward to continuing to provide you with the best resources for the alternatives to traditional tourism that appear on our website ( and in each issue throughout the year.

Sherry Schwarz

Publisher and Editor
Sherry Schwarz
Founding Editor and Publisher
Dr. Clay A. Hubbs
Web Content Editor
Gregory Hubbs

Contributing Editors
Alison Gardner (Senior Travel)
Susan Griffith (Work)
Cynthia Harriman (Family Travel)
Zahara Heckscher (Volunteering)
Ron Mader (Latin America)
Deborah McLaren (Ecotourism)
Bill Mohan (Teen Travel)
William Nolting (International Education and Work)
Volker Poelzl (Living)
Rob Sangster (Independent Travel)
Rick Steves (Budget Travel)
Tracy Scharn and Pamela Houston (Disability Travel)
Kathy Widing (Travel Books)

Editorial Assistant
Mary Catherine Maxwell

Advertising Manager
Kate McGrail

Office Manager
Ann Jareckie

Alia Santini

Rick Schneider

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