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Summer Study Abroad in Scandinavia

Places of Learning in Europe’s Overlooked Gems

Summer in Norway on a lake.
Study in beautiful Scandinavia, in this case Norway, is a great option for a variety of reasons.

Studying in Scandinavia while most of your fellow students are in more popular destinations in Europe can give you a unique perspective on the world. If you go in the summer, you will be treated to days of eternal light, courtesy of the radiant midnight sun that pervades much of Scandinavia from May to August.

Here are some excellent summer language and cultural programs to consider:

Camp Norway, sponsored by the Sons of Norway, a Norwegian heritage organization, is a summer language and culture school in the heart of the country. Activities include Norwegian language classes, camping and hiking trips, visits to local churches and areas of historical interest. Some scholarships are available.

Univ. of Oslo International Summer School offers courses in Norwegian language, government, society and international relations to students from all over the world.

Summer Universities of Finland: Finish National Agency of Education, offers a summer language and cultural programs throughout the country.

Uppsala International Summer Session offers a full summer program with over students and professionals located in the lively city of Uppsala. Courses are primarily in Swedish and include frequent field trips all over the country.

Resources for Summer Study and Resources in Scandinavia

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