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Navy Undergraduate Teaching Program Offers Unparalleled Travel Opportunities

Join the Navy College Program and See the World

By Ron Hamm

Teaching in the Navy, while traveling to places such as Australia.
You can get a job teaching college level courses aboard a Navy ship and see the world!

The admonition to “Join the Navy and see the world” has been heeded by a host of part-time civilian instructors, including me, who teach college courses aboard ship while visiting exotic ports wherever ships of the U.S. fleets call. Of course, the instructors don’t actually join the Navy. They just enjoy the travel.

Benefits of Teaching Aboard Navy Ships

Working for the Navy College Program, I’ve marveled at the wonders of ancient Rome and Pompeii, strolled through the medieval walled city of Rhodes, gaped at Dubai’s gold and silk souks, been caught up by the spell of Jerusalem and Bethlehem, and spotted kangaroos in Australia’s Outback while chatting up the long-distance Aussie bus drivers. My next departure is to the Baltic ports of Germany and Poland.

All official travel and related expenses, including food, medical care, etc., are covered aboard the ship. The flight home is also paid, so spending a couple of weeks touring Spain after disembarking at Rota, for instance, is no problem

For more information on other existing educational programs where you may look for opportunities to teach, see the Navy College Program.

Ron Hamm is a retired university administrator.

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