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 Volunteer in India

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Featured Articles on Volunteer Work and Service in India

Volunteer in India with A Broader View. A Broader View Volunteers Corp
Volunteering in India
A Broader View Volunteers is an U.S. Non profit charity that offers 315 affordable volunteer projects in 30 countries, including India. See the website for the many project options in India.
With A Broader View (ABV), you'll be immersed in another culture, collaborate with your host community on a development project, and work side by side with local youth while building your own leadership skills. ABV works year round from 1-week to 12-week programs.

Volunteer in India with IVHQ. International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)
Volunteer Abroad in India from US$275
International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) offer affordable volunteer abroad programs in either Delhi or Kerala, India from only US$275. Volunteers can participate in a wide range of programs including Childcare, Health, Slum Teaching (in Delhi only) and Teaching English. IVHQ sends thousands of volunteer travelers worldwide annually — you will not find a more affordable, high quality and trustworthy volunteer travel company.

Volunteer in India with United Planet.

United Planet
Volunteer Abroad in India for 4-16 weeks or 6-12 Months or Virtual Volunteering and Internships
United Planet's Quests offer volunteers the opportunity to learn, teach, work, engage and immerse themselves in a culture outside their comfort zone. Ages 18 and up are invited to enroll. Live in India and volunteer on an education or social project! Volunteers live with a local host family, participate in cultural activities and excursions, and receive 24/7 support — a true immersion experience that allows you to build relationships that last a lifetime.

Volunteer in India with ELI Abroad. ELI Abroad
Volunteer and Internship Programs in India
The Indian subcontinent has a vibrant culture full of fascinating and unforgettable sights, smells, and sounds! ELI works with organizations in the South India to create volunteer opportunities that benefit locals that give volunteers a unique cultural learning experience while giving back to the communities. Placements are available in women’s projects, health, teaching, and more. All placements are set up on an individual basis based on the needs of the local organization and the specific skills of the volunteer.

Volunter in India Fighting Inequality. Globe Aware
Volunteer in India Fighting Inequality

Participate in Globe Aware’s India program and combat poverty by working with slum dwelling and other disadvantaged children in the community of Jaipur. In this “Pink City,” volunteers will work with rescued child laborers, assist at day care centers, and provide support for local teachers, in addition to completing beautification activities for public facilities. Volunteers will be accommodated in one of several modest hotels which all have running hot-water, Western-style toilets, and electricity. During leisure time, volunteers can have dinner with a local family, visit a traditional carpet factory, take an elephant ride, or walk through the colorful streets. Come and fight poverty in India and enhance the lives of poverty-stricken children in ways that you can only begin to imagine.

Low-Cost Volunteering in India. Volunteering India
Volunteer and Internships in India — Delhi and Palampur
Volunteer in India with one of the oldest established volunteer programs in India. Volunteering India has received over 2500 volunteers since 2004. Volunteering India programs are available in New Delhi, Dharamshala/ Palampur, Kolkata and Bangalore. We also have special programs for summer volunteering in India, group programs for schools and universities as well as planned trips for families who would like to volunteer in India.

Volunteers can choose to join programs in Teaching English, Orphanage work, Women Empowerment, Childcare Programs, Disabled Children, Mini Break Trips, Summer Programs, Dental Elective, Medical & HIV programs in India.

Global Choices
Volunteer in India
This program will give you a chance to make an important contribution to the Indian society, while gaining knowledge about the country and its culture. Volunteering will provide you with new friends, new skills, the opportunity to explore a new country and culture, learn a language and have a rewarding travel experience which can often be life changing. A typical volunteer at Global Choices gets the opportunity to experience and participate in the rich and diverse cultures and traditions of India. Voluntary workers need to possess basic English language skills and motivation to contribute to the society.

Volunteer with Children in India
This volunteer program is based in Kerala, known as "Gods own Country," where you will teach in a local school attended by children from disadvantaged families. Days are spent assisting local teachers in the classrooms, and also taking small tuition groups and activity lessons before and after school. The focus is on improving conversational English of students from Lower Kindergarten through to Grade 6, as well as introducing sports and arts. Your assistance will help keep students in school and greatly aid the overwhelmed teachers as well as making a huge difference in these kids’ lives.

Himalayan Education Lifeline Programme (HELP)
Volunteer in India and Nepal
HELP supports impoverished schools in the Himalayas with both financial and volunteer resources.

Volunteer & Travel Program in India
The Idex program in India continues to follow the ethos of “Travel that Matters” and provide an opportunity to travellers to have a safe, enjoyable experience that leaves them more developed than they were before the start of a trip. The program is designed to leave travelers as well as the local communities enriched with each other’s presence. All this is managed through the well-tested and established processes of Idex to ensure that the interactions and activities are responsible towards the benefit of local communities, volunteers and local institutions.

Kaya Responsible Travel
Volunteer in India
Kaya volunteer and travel in India provides participants with a unique and meaningful way of getting to know one of the most diverse countries on the planet. Learn how to cook authentic Indian food, immerse yourself in the culture and practice your Hindi while lending a helping hand. Work in projects such as community health, education, child care, or social work. With Kaya Responsible Travel, we ensure that your project suits your interests as well as the needs of the community.

Love Volunteers
Make a REAL difference in India
Love Volunteers, the world’s fastest growing independent volunteering organization, has provided safe, meaningful and truly affordable volunteering abroad opportunities to thousands of volunteers from all over the world. Become a Love Volunteer in India and get the experience of a lifetime whilst helping those in real need on one of our community-based projects! Visit our website to check out our range of community-based projects and find out how you can make a REAL difference!

Volunteering with India
Offers a variety of volunteer projects such as Teach English in Rural Areas, Women Empowerment, Street Children Program, Work with Elephants, and Theater Volunteering.

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