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Responsible Volunteering in Africa with GoEco
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Responsible Travel in Africa

As more travelers have become aware of the impact of tourism in the countries they visit, there are a growing number of websites that provide resources for responsible travel. Keywords such as "Responsible Travel," "Sustainable Tourism," "Ethical Travel," "Conscious Travel" and "Ecotourism," "Ethical Volunteering" all seem to hint at a complex code of travel rules, suggesting what we believe to be an unnecessary restricted travel experience for the sake of political correctness.

In essence we believe what we have advocated some 40 years ago before the ideas became ubiquitous, and that is that the general notion of responsible travel comes down to a simple rule: Travel in a way that respects the people, culture, and ecosystem of your destination and minimizes the impact you and your cultural values have on your destination. Such travel can and often does include providing financial and physical aid to the local community as part of the visit.

Below we have listed programs in Africa that provide responsible travel experiences emphasizing learning about the people and traditions of the various countries while treating the local environment and culture in a respectful and sustainable manner.

Responsible Travel in Africa

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African Conservation Experience
Ethical Volunteer Conservation Placements in Southern Africa
Whether you want to get hands-on in a wildlife rehabilitation center, experience life as a wildlife vet, learn how to track wildlife or join a research project in a national park — volunteering with African Conservation Experience allows you to make a real difference to wildlife in southern Africa, in countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia. With over 20 years experience, they are the original and most experienced organisation at placing people on worthwhile and responsible conservation projects in southern Africa.

African Impact
Responsible Volunteering in Africa
Offers a very wide variety of responsible volunteering projects throughout continent, including countries such as Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zanzibar, and Zimbabwe. The projects are very varied, from wildlife conservation to animal care to teaching and education to community development to photography. The family run organization from 2004 takes pride and is passionate about maintaining a positive impact through every project.

Convervation Projects in South Africa
A variety of volunteer social work and wildlife conservation projects throughout South Africa, from penguins and sharks to elephants.

Blue Ventures
Volunteer in Madagascar in a Marine Conservation

An award winning not-for-profit organisation dedicated to facilitating projects and expeditions that enhance global marine conservation and research. The field research of Blue Ventures projects is carried out by our overseas volunteers, who work closely with our field research scientists and camp staff. We are currently looking for overseas volunteers to work at our site in Andavadoaka, Madagascar in Africa.

Ibike Tours / International Bicycle Fund
Bicycle Tours Across Africa

Small group, immersion, bicycle tours, designed to get you out of the box, enrich your life and introduce you to the rich diversity of the people, their culture and the environment of the area. IBF programs are designed to provide participants an opportunity to learn more about the world at a person-to-person level not usually available to tourist. Itineraries highlight the cultural, historical, economic and physical diversity of the area. Traverse the diverse cultures & fascinating lifestyles & beautiful landscapes of the coastal & Sahara zones of Tunisia. It is a wondrous array of people, architecture, cultures and landscape

Volunteer Research Program in Magagascar

A small not-for-profit organisation which completes coral reef research and conservation on unstudied reef in SW Madagascar. ReefDoctor has positions in its volunteer research programme to anyone with diving qualification (min. of PADI OpenWater) willing to join in Ifaty for a minimum of two month. Volunteers learn underwater survey techniques, including fish and coral ID skills, belt transects, quadrats etc, help to teach English at our local school and participate in our survey dives (twice a day).

SEED Madagascar
Sustainable Development Projects and Education in Madagascar
Join award-winning charity, SEED Madagascar, to volunteer on a variety of development projects in the coastal regions of southeast Madagascar. Project areas include teaching, health/sanitation, sustainable livelihoods and conservation; there is something for everyone on this project! Please see website for details.

WWOOF International (Willing Workers on Organic Farms)
Organic Farming with WWOOF in Africa
Many countries in Africa participate in this unique worldwide exchange organization. In return for volunteer help, WWOOF hosts offer food, accommodation and opportunities to learn about organic lifestyles. WWOOF organizations link people who want to volunteer on organic farms with people who are seeking volunteer help. Each country works slightly differently, but generally a very small membership fee is charged in exchange for a listing of available opportunities.


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