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The Guide to Hostels Abroad

A hostel in the countryside
A hostel in the European countryside can be easy on the budget and relaxing, and a hostel in the city can be a great home base for daily exploration and a sense of community.

Hostels provide very reasonably-priced accommodations and will put you in touch with travelers from around the world as well as with locals. Just as hostel guests range in age and travel style, there is no such thing as a typical hostel. The accommodations can be anything from a dormitory room that sleeps 30 to a private room in a castle, and everything in between.

Hostels may be located in an urban high rise, a restored building in the center of Paris, or a 5-mile hike from a remote village. Most hostels worldwide now have WiFi, even computer terminals, and other modern conveniences.

You will find people of all ages in hostels, including families and seniors, though generally you will see a younger crowd in the 18-35 range. In recent years hostels have developed sophistical booking systems, with online reviews by people who have already visited, so more information is available to help you make the best choices, and making arrangements is extremely easy.

 Articles on Hostels Abroad
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Worldwide Hostel Portals

Hostelling International is the granddaddy site for budget travelers worldwide and is well designed, well run, and very useful. The news section keeps you well updated on new and renovated hostels. is a mammoth site that provides hostel bookings, forums, guides and travel help. is a reservation site and search engine which prides itself on the no-nonsense approach to the hostel experience, with lots of feedback from backpackers.


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