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Camping Abroad

Tent camping in Europe

"Contrary to popular belief, the days of $15 lodging in Europe have not vanished. The secret is to bring your room with you.

I’m suggesting that you bring a tent, even if your plans don’t include backpacking. Unlike in the U.S., camping in Europe is very convenient for the independent traveler. Most cities and towns have a campground within walking distance or a short public transit ride away. All you need is a lightweight tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad—all easily tucked into a small or medium-sized duffel bag. You can leave the rest of your camping equipment at home. The great cuisine and rich culture of Europe are just a short distance from your tent flap.

European campgrounds are clean, comfortable, and secure, with spotless bathrooms, hot showers, washing machines, and very often a small grocery, snack bar, and a sheltered pavilion for socializing. Like youth hostels, the other great budget alternative for lodging in Europe, campgrounds offer a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow travelers."— Edward Newton from Camping in Europe.

Articles on Camping Abroad
In Wadi, Jordan Desert Sage Tea and Starlight in Wadi, Jordan by Amy E. Robertson
Family travel to a desert camp turns into a genuine physical and cultural adventure, guided by the Bedouins, and staying in localized accommodation—in this case a tent.
Camping in Italy by Drew Colenbrander and Sarah Wiley
Camping Around Europe by C.B. Heinemann
Camping in Europe by Edward Newton
Motor Homing in Europe by Steve Hunt
Wild Camping Abroad by Friedel Rother

Camping Abroad Websites

Eurocamp is a very informative site to plan camping vacations across Europe, particularily if you are traveling with children.

Camping Overseas Books and Resources

AA Caravan & Camping Europe. Campground guide with over 3,500 campgrounds throughout Europe. More listings, but not all as thoroughly inspected as Alan Rogers' Guides (below).

Alan Rogers. Alan Rogers campsite guides include over 8,000 European campsites that the company has inspected.

Caravan & Camping Europe (Aa Caravan and Camping Europe), by Carol Mickelsen. A largely anecdotal and inspirational book on car camping from an author with 25 years' experience. Puts you in the mood.


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