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Everybody Wins Studying Spanish in Cusco, Peru by Tamia Dowlatabadi
A Taste of Spanish in Cusco, Peru: Language and Cultural immersion by Carrie Peterson
Study Spanish in Arequipa, Peru: A Warm School in a Warm City by Douglas Haynes

Language Immersion Vacations WORLDWIDE!
Peru (Lima, Cusco — Spanish)
We offer a variety of language courses worldwide for all ages and budgets. Immerse yourself in the local culture, pick your accommodation type and enjoy many cultural activities with international students from around the world. We enjoy what we do and that's the difference!
Language Immersion Vacations in Peru Contact: Language Vacation, 1056 Masters Lane, Minden, Ontario K0M 2K0 Canada
Tel: Toll Free 1 888 494 3974 / 705 745 4697

AMAUTA Spanish School
Spanish Courses and Volunteer Work in Peru
Spanish classes and Spanish Immersion programs and volunteer work in Cusco and Buenos Aires.

ECELA Spanish
6 Spanish Language Immersion Schools in Peru, Chile, and Argentina
Language immersion schools with excursions and cultural activities in Buenos Aires and Mendoza, Argentina; Santiago and Vina del Mar, Chile; and Lima and Cusco, Peru. The emphasis is on small-group conversations for more intimacy while allowing for immersion.

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