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Study Arabic in the Middle East and Northern Africa
Language Schools

Language Learning in the Middle East

Ali Baba International Center
Arabic Language Programs
Intensive Summer Arabic Language Programs
An intensive summer program is a package consisting of the followings: a 1-month long intensive elementary Arabic language course offered at the university of Jordan, accommodation, and a weekly tour to a tourist site in Jordan. Four summer sessions are offered every year: June, July, August and September.
Regular Arabic Language Programs
A regular program is a package consisting of the followings: a 4-month long Arabic language course, accommodation, and a weekly tour to a tourist site in Jordan. Courses are offered at the language center of the University of Jordan. All levels are offered: elementary, intermediate and advanced levels. In principle, the courses are offered twice a year: in the fall semester (October ~ January) and the spring semester (February ~ May). Students may also apply for the Arabic courses given during the two-month summer semester (July ~ August) . Students wishing to study for one whole year can cover three consecutive levels of Arabic.
Special Arabic Language Programs
A special program is a package consisting of the followings: a specialized course in Arabic or a middle eastern or Islamic field; accommodation, and tours around Jordan if desired. The specialized courses are tailored to meet the needs of individuals or groups working in fields like diplomacy, business, culture and others, and therefore may vary in their contents, durations, time of offering, and cost. For details please refer to the Special Programs link.

Arab Academy
Learn Arabic Online or in Cairo
Provides Arabic language courses online, but also offers Arabic language courses in Cairo.

The American University in Cairo
Learn Arabic in Cairo
Intensive Arabic study of modern standard and Egyptian colloquial for a year, semester, and summer. All levels from elementary to advanced are given in this intensive, full-time program. Course-related travel is included. Other study options available.

Qalam wa Lawh Academy
Study Arabic in Morocco
Intensive Arabic study with emphasis on communication and comprehension. Six and twelve week programs run throughout the year. Special summer intensives are also offered. Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced courses are available. Traquil and traditional atmosphere inspires students and makes learning enjoyable.

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