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Articles on Saudi Arabia
Expatriate Websites Expatriate Websites and Resources
Travel Information for Saudi Arabia

Featured Articles on Living, Working, Studying, Traveling, and Volunteering in Saudi Arabia
Working Abroad as a Nurse: A Great Demand for Nurses in Saudi Arabia and Worldwide by Caroline A. Polt, RN
Teaching English and Living in Saudi Arabia as a Woman by Kim Lyon

 Expatriate Websites and Resources is a worldwide directory of blogs related to expatriate life, with listings for Saudi Arabia.

Internations provides information for the relatively limited opportunities to move and settle in the sparsely populated land of Saudi Arabia, with its own very unique culture.

 Travel Information for Saudi Arabia

U.S. Department of State - Bureau of Consular Affairs provides very important information about travel to Saudi Arabia.

Lonely Planet Travel Guide provides a lot of useful travel information, with a section on the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia.


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