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John Dwyer's Bio

Contributing Editor on Senior Volunteer Service Abroad for

John Dwyer
John Dwyer With friends at an IDP (internally displaced persons)
camp in Herat, Afghanistan.

John Dwyer's Articles for Transitions Abroad

Volunteering overseas over 50 Over 50 and Volunteering Overseas
Well over 50 and still volunteering overseas, John Dwyer describes his vast and unusual experience. He offers seniors and volunteers of all ages advice and accumulated resources. John joined the Peace Corps in 1991 to make a difference.
Senior disaster volunteering International Disaster Volunteering Over 50:
Senior Volunteers are Making a Huge Difference

Many people over 50 and seniors can and make significant contributions in disaster volunteering. Resources and the best organizations are provided.
John Dwyer with his daughter in Oslo Traveling with Your College-Aged Granddaughter: A Successful and Memorable Trip to Europe Together by John Dwyer
Our Senior Volunteering editor strongly recommends traveling with your college-aged grandchildren. A trip with his granddaughter throughout Europe was a success and he provides tips based upon his experience.
John Dwyer Interviews Nicholas Kristof A Path Appears — Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity: An Interview with Nicholas D. Kristof
John Dwyer interviews Nicholas D. Kristof, who discusses an important new book cowritten with his wife, "A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity." Nicholas goes on to explore related issues such as volunteering abroad, and other ways individuals can make a positive impact around the world in terms of changing lives and tackling inequality.
Professional service volunteering over 50 Professional Services Volunteering Over 50:
How to Volunteer for Non-Medical or Teaching Professionals

Information about the many professional skills needed by organizations abroad.

John Dwyer served in the Peace Corps in Guatemala in 1991-92. For the past 19 years, he has worked as either a volunteer or employee for international development and election observation organizations.

As a writer, John's work has appeared in Transitions Abroad, The Orange County Register, Peace Corps Online, International Travel News and various other online and print publications.

John hosts a website, Over 50 and Overseas, which is a resource for individuals over 50 who wish to volunteer internationally.

Over 50 and Overseas

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