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Do You Ever Dream of Finding Work Abroad?

Work Abroad (4th Edition) from Transitions Abroad Publishing

The Complete Guide to Finding a Job Overseas

"The definitive book on the subject..."
— Arthur Frommer

"One of the richest resources for finding an overseas job - an outstanding guide to both short and long-term jobs abroad. My advice: don't leave home without reading Work Abroad. it will ... change your life."
— Ronald L. Krannich, Ph.D., author, Jobs for People Who Love to Travel.

"Whether it's for an interesting volunteer position or paid employment full or part-time, this indispensable guide is an ideal and instructive reference."
The Midwest Book Review

"Details resources for overseas job seekers."
U.S. News & World Report

Work Abroad: The Complete Guide To Finding A Job Overseas

"…an extensive list of reference material dealing with working abroad."
The New York Times

"The reference bible for international job hunters."
The Shoestring Traveler

"Covers all aspects of international work."
International Travel News

"Work Abroad: Always a tantalizing possibility, yes? Here's savvy advice on your chances, complete with suggested preparation and necessary connections, by region and country, right down to websites and phone numbers."
Whole Earth

Table of Contents How to get started
Introduction: Introduction
Highlights: Work Abroad Publishers and Organizations
Key Print Resources
Key Websites
Chapter 1: International Careers
Highlights: Finding a Job Abroad
International Job Listings by Profession
International Job Listings by Regions of the World
Chapter 2: Short-Term International Jobs and Internships for Students and Recent Graduates
Highlights: Overseas Jobs and How to Find Them
Short-Term Work Abroad Programs
International Internships
Best Websites
Best Print Resources
Chapter 3: Short-Term Jobs Abroad
Highlights: Key Employers by Country
Chapter 4: Volunteering Abroad
Highlights: Directory of Volunteer Programs by Country
Best Volunteer Work Abroad Websites
Chapter 5: Teaching English Abroad
Highlights: Overview of the Opportunities
Directory of ESL Training and Placement Programs
Directories of Employers by Country
Chapter 6: K-12 and University Teaching Abroad
Highlights: How to Find a Job
Best Print and Web Resources